Klasse of Fulham



What they say about us

Customer feed back in vital to us at Klasse of Fulham, and here is what some of our regular Mercedes owners have said:


“Steve at Klasse of Fulham has always provided expert advice and a first class personal service that is so rare to find”

Milton, West London


“Fantastic job look after my car…”

“I have never come across a garage as good as you in terms of efficiency, quality or work done, and value for money”

T. Leopold, London


“Excellent work every time. Thanks for everything”

R Larkin. Ealing, London


“I love the level of attention that we get from Klasse of Fulham. A top rate service from a top rate garage”

Maria. London

Klasse of Fulham also appeared in an article by David Sutherland on Mercedes garages:
Finding a sound, older Mercedes that you love is only half the deal. What is also required, unless you are possessed of advanced spannering skills, is someone to look after it, because elderly cars simply do not run faultlessly, or at least mine never have.

Even before buying my 1994 E320 Coupe I knew it wouldn’t be worth troubling franchised Mercedes-Benz dealers for anything other than parts, as they are not geared up to cater for older cars. So I went to a local German car specialist, who did what was asked but had, I felt, little affinity with Mercedes.
It was a different story at Klasse of Fulham in Dawes Road, who I discovered after being directed there for a repair under the used car warranty supplied with the E320. Proprietor Steve Shali, who opened the business nine years ago after years as a technician at Mercedes-Benz in Brentford, passed my first test by being prepared to offer a diagnosis over the phone. Then when I got there it was clear he could tell what needed doing by a quick poke under the bonnet. And being able to speak to the man himself rather than a receptionist is something I like.

He has since done a few things, including an annual service, and what is particularly useful is that for short jobs I can arrange a time to be there, then head off to a cafe for an hour with my laptop and carry on writing. it is so much more convenient than wasting the best part of a working day dropping off and collecting the car, as you would almost certainly have to do at a big dealer. And of course I like the fact that the labour rate at Klasse is £90+vat per hour compared to £150 at nearby Mercedes-Benz Chelsea.

I didn’t have to mention much more than words “start up” and “knocking noise” for Steve to tell me I needed new engine mounts. Funny, I have described this fault in various buyer’s guides in Mercedes Enthusiast, but when it came to my own car I just didn’t recognise the symptoms. Containing a small damper system inside, these cost £145 a pair, taking one and a half hours to fit. What a difference – the 3.2-Litre size-cylinder engine now feels much smoother, particularly at tickover. It really was money well spent.

As with most old cars, there are a number of jobs lined up for when I have the time, inclination and am of suitable liquidity. For instance the cruise control doesn’t work because the lever is broken, and it is a £50 part that can be fixed at Klasse while I sip a cappuccino round the corner. And the front speaker on the driver’s side is cutting out intermittently, and as it is quite awkward to get to, finding out what the problem is will take a bit of investigation.

Meantime, I drive and enjoy the E320. It is too cold to drop all the windows, instead I turn the seat heaters up to full power and luxuriate in the warmth. But come to think of it, the actual heating system doesn’t seem to be giving full output. There’s another job.